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Career Fair 2019

Approximately 650 students, grades 8-12, visited 60+ career professionals during a Career Fair on January 30th. It occured over 4 periods. Career Representatives were set up at tables with their profession on a sign behind them. Student could choose whom to visit. Students were given a scavenger hunt form that encouraged them to seek out at least 3 professionals and learn in depth information such as:

  • Education Needed

  • Starting Salary

  • 2 Common Work Activities

  • One thing they learned that they did not know about this career

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Professions Represented

Project Dir. of Dept. of Energy

Community Service Coordinator

Professor of Astrophysics)


Gaming Business Owner


Social Worker

Firefighter Engineer

Network Engineer

Manager for Gas and Steam

Crime Scene Analyst II

Clinical Research Coordinator

Human Resources

Gen Practice Lawyer

Analytics Consultant

CEO of Technology Company

Police Lieutenant


Newspaper Editor


Tech Architect/Software Engineer

Pilot/Emergency Services

Criminal defense attorney

Tutor (SAT/ACT prep)

Teacher & Librarian

Public Relations and Marketer

Coding Central Founder

Real Estate Agent

National Guard

Wealth Management Advisor

Lifeguard Staff

Chief Deputy District Attorney

Operating Engineer/Bldg Syst

Director of Hotel Operations

What Students Liked Most

Career Representative Feedback

  • 49% Figuring out what career they were interested in

  • 43% learning about career they did not know about

  • 40% learning about salary

  • 34% learning about day to day life of career

  • We received verbal, email and survey feedback from the Career Representatives. They provided some insights on improvements. However, some of the most valuable assistance we received from participants was additional contacts and programs that were available to students. Here are some:

  • Las Vegas Review editor informed us of their operating press (the only one in NV) and that they provided school tours.

  • Over half participants offered to come as a guest speaker

  • National Guard offers a 90 min workshop on “Life after high school”

  • Henderson HIgh School Leadership non-profit organization offers FREE leadership retreats.

  • Animation and Las Vegas Review offer internships and job shadowing.

  • Several other companies offer job shadowing and jobs to teens.

Student Comments 

I talked extensively with Professor Proga from UNLV and learned a significant amount of information about the gases and plasmas in accretion disks surrounding black holes.

I would thank the career rep at the pharmacy and National Guard booths. They both gave me more options and opened my mind to more stuff I would like to do.

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