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Work-Based Skills Help

How to Create a Teen Resume

What do you need to put in your resume?


When you make your resume, you need to make sure to include the following information:

  • Your full name, first, middle initial if exists and last name. Do not use nickname or your child name.

  • Your address, city, state and zip code.

  • Your phone number, cell phone or email address (make sure your email address is appropriate)
  • Your education background (your school name, school level and school period in year)

  • Your working experience (voluntary work, or any other job experiences)

  • Your skills and languages (e.g. experienced in child caring, Spanish – Intermediate Level)

  • Your coursework or certification (driver’s license, scuba certifications, CPR/AED, First Aid and Oxygen Supplement)

  • Your interest or activity (this shows your interest or hobby such as gaming, modelling, automotive)

  • Your photo, except if you apply for acting or modelling jobs.


    • Your gender; female or male.

    • Your date of birth.

Interview Skills

An interview is a time to identify which candidate is the best fit for a job, internship, or academic program.



  • Present: Where are you right now?

  • Past: What relevant experiences have you had? (Education, jobs, leadership roles, volunteer positions)

  • Future: Why are you excited for this opportunity? (Goals, passions, learning opportunities)

Student Resume Examples and Templates

Additional Resources



Resume examples and templates are extremely helpful, especially when you are writing one of your first resumes. They provide you with a format for writing your resume and help you understand what information to include.


Below are a variety of sample resumes and resume templates for high school students, college students, and recent graduates seeking employment.

Cover Letters

The purpose of a cover letter is for you to highlight your qualifications.

Researching Companies

cover letter snip.PNG

How To Research a Potential Employer

It's not what you know about a company you're interviewing with—but how much


After scouring our job board you found an awesome potential lead. Now there’s nothing to do but send in your standard resume and cover letter and hit apply. But wait! .... 

Thank You Letters

Interview Etiquette: Is The Handwritten Thank You Note Outdated?


Answer: It depends on your industry.




Whether you send a digital thank you note or paper one, thank you notes are a must. What goes into a thank you letter?



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