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Job Opportunities

Teen Friendly Job Sites

for under 18 years old

Full-time, part-time or seasonal work. Jobs for 18 years and older.  Or, call Emily at 702-259-3700. 

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Part-time work for high school or college students, RDI has customer service, business to consumer sales, business to business, administration positions. 16+ years

HINT: Type "teen" in search bar


Earn your Red Cross Certification in one weekend. Then, get job referrals to major resort hotels.

After School Driver

Temporary Agency: Millennium Staffing

Temporary Agency: United Staffing Associates

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Chick-a-fil Jobs


If you are considering working in the food industry, you must obtain a Food Handler Safety Training Card. See the FOOD HANDLER TRAINING BOOK here. See FACT SHEET here. See COURSE AND TEST here.

for help finding more jobs:

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